Unlocking the SpellShip Arena: Gameplay and Roadmap, Community Insights & Genesis NFT

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3 min readAug 8, 2023


In a recent enlightening AMA session co-hosted by Spellship Arena(SSA) and MetaWorld Entertainment(MWE), Ash Kain, Head of Games at SSA, and Monica Zou, Director of Marketing at MWE, delved deep into the intricacies of SSA, its upcoming offerings, and the critical role the gaming community plays in its unfolding narrative. This article provides a comprehensive recap of the key takeaways and insights shared during the session, serving as a guide for enthusiasts who missed the live event or those wanting to revisit its highlights.

A full replay of the AMA can be accessed here: https://twitter.com/spellshiparena/status/1688685058998390790

A Glimpse into SpellShip Arena

From the game’s addictive features to its roadmap, Ash shared insights that have many awaiting its launch eagerly.

  • USP of SSA: Ash explained that the appeal of SSA lies in its diverse set of spells, weapons, and 60+ unique ships from three different races. Coupled with an exciting array of LiveOps events and the flexibility of fleet positioning and composition, SSA promises an immersive gaming experience.
  • Keeping It Balanced: Emphasizing the elements of skill, strategy, and a smidge of luck, Ash ensured that SSA would offer a level playing field, ensuring gameplay isn’t dominated merely by a fleet’s power or money-spending prowess.
  • Tech Integration: With Google/social logins, partnerships like Polygon, and the incorporation of Web3 technology, SSA promises both an enhanced gaming experience and heightened security.
  • What Sets SSA Apart: Credibility, player experience, and secure tech integrations, in partnership with major platforms like Apple & Google, make SSA stand out amidst the sea of web3/nft games.
  • The Roadmap: Ash reiterated the Soft Launch (SL) slated for Q3 and the Grand Launch (GL) set for Q4.

Community at the Heart of SSA

Diving into the significance of the community, Monica unveiled the dedication of SSA to its players.

  • Inclusivity & Engagement: Monica detailed how SSA is striving to build an inclusive and engaged community, highlighting that the game aims to be more than just an entertainment platform. It aims to be a space where every player feels valued and involved.
  • Recognition & Rewards: Celebrating players’ achievements, contributions, and consistent engagement is at the forefront of SSA’s community strategy.
  • Partnerships & Collaborations: SSA is actively seeking collaborations with content creators, other game developers, and brands to enhance the gaming experience and grow its community.

Genesis NFT & First Captains

Monica revealed the perks and the essence of the Genesis NFT. As a nod to early supporters, the team is offering the Genesis NFTs free of charge. This NFT will be laden with numerous perks, with whitelist access being one of the foremost.

To grab a spot on this coveted whitelist, the community is encouraged to:

  • Follow the teams on their official Twitter handles: @spellshiparena & @metaworld_ent.
  • Engage actively with their tweets.
  • Look forward to the Discord channel, opening soon.
  • Participate in partner gaming community giveaways and actively spread the word about the project.

In Closing

With genuine partnerships, a promise of a balanced gaming experience, and a community-first approach, SpellShip Arena is all set to sail the seas of the gaming world, leaving an indelible mark on its way.

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