Realm of Spirit (RoS): Gear Up for the Exhilarating August Update — Unveiling Rebel Eradication & Primeval Demon!

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3 min readAug 2, 2023

Have you been on the edge of your seat, awaiting fresh challenges and thrilling features in the Realm of Spirit (RoS)? Your wait is finally over!

This August, RoS is set to make your gaming experience more immersive and electrifying with the introduction of two groundbreaking features — the Rebel Eradication and Primeval Demon. Buckle up as we prepare to redefine the realms of adventure and competition!

Dive into Rebel Eradication

First on the agenda is the high-octane Rebel Eradication, a dedicated cross-server single-player PVE battle. Engage in titanic fights and compete with players across servers for the ultimate bragging rights.

The key highlights include an Intelligence Overview, which records Personal Reports, Server Battle Reports, and Crucial Battle Reports for each theater of war. Also, get ready to trade at the Haul Shop, using your Battle Merits as currency, earned by accomplishing tasks and winning ranking rewards.

But that’s not all! Complete Exploit Quests and aim to dominate the Exploit Leaderboard to claim your rewards. To add some thrill, we’ve introduced a Wartime Auction where you can bid on activated auctions using diamonds. Following the exciting Guild Auction rules, you also stand a chance to receive dividends once an item is sold.

Confront the Primeval Demon

Brace yourself for the second treat in our August update — the mighty Primeval Demon. After defeating the 10-star Primitive Demon in the Wild Exploration, the Primeval Demon will respawn, escalating the level of challenge and excitement.

Each victorious battle against the Primeval Demon will lead to an increase in the demon’s level in the subsequent reset. Keep an eye out! The Primeval Demon resets every Friday at 5:00 am. Victory over the Primeval Demon in the server will unlock the Normal Exploration.

Mark the Dates

The August update is set to go live on August 2. Prepare yourself to face exhilarating challenges and maximize your gaming potential. It’s time to flex your gaming muscles, enhance your defense, and conquer new realms in RoS!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features! Let the battles begin!

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