Gaming’s Path to Web3: Key Takeaways from SpellShip Arena’s Twitter Space

MetaWorld Entertainment
2 min readJul 6, 2023


In a recent engaging Twitter Space session hosted by, SpellShip Arena delved into the potential of gaming to drive mass adoption of web3 technologies. The discussion revolved around how blockchain can address challenges within the gaming space and how web3 games will attract web2 gamers. Here are the key points highlighted during the session:

Blockchain’s Role in Solving Gaming Challenges

Ash Kain, Head of Games at MetaWorld Entertainment, who has worked on major MMOs, emphasized that blockchain is an iterative improvement for gaming. By offering enhanced player experiences and the ability to retain real-money investments, blockchain solves problems related to players selling in-game items and the potential loss of value due to database wipes. This advancement will pave the way for web2 gamers to embrace blockchain and web3, propelling its adoption across the gaming community.

Mobile Format and Web2 Gamer Engagement

To cater to a wide audience and lower the barrier to entry, SpellShip Arena opted for a mobile format. By targeting free-to-play gamers who are accustomed to one-click access, the game aims to seamlessly introduce web3 features. Leveraging their extensive experience in mobile game development and established relationships with Apple and Google, SpellShip Arena focuses on delivering a user-friendly and frictionless gaming experience. The studio also acknowledges the importance of addressing regulatory compliance concerns for their partners.

Visibility and Utilization of NFTs and Cryptocurrency

For the average gamer, NFTs and cryptocurrency remain largely invisible until they become necessary for specific features or resolving technical issues. SpellShip Arena believes that once players are exposed to the benefits and possibilities of these features, they will embrace them enthusiastically. The game serves as a gateway, allowing gamers to explore the potential of web3 technologies.

Embracing Community and Passion

The session highlighted the importance of fostering an open relationship with the community, even in the face of failure. Successful early crowdfunding projects demonstrated transparency and passion from the company founders. Understanding a project’s purpose and the founders’ dedication to the space is crucial for gamers considering participation in web3 projects.

This Twitter Space shed light on the transformative power of gaming in driving the adoption of web3 technologies. By leveraging blockchain’s benefits and focusing on a mobile format, SpellShip Arena aims to engage web2 gamers and seamlessly introduce them to the possibilities of web3 gaming. The vision of an interconnected metaverse and the integration of cross-germinated assets hold great promise for the future of gaming. As the industry evolves, embracing transparency, passion, and community engagement will be key to fostering success in the web3 gaming ecosystem.

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